Ireland's Official VAC Motorsports Dealer / Distributor

For more information or technical support contact us at finbarr@fionnsport.ie

Fionnsport Automotive Technology is a Cork based Motorsport and specialist service company. We are founded on the belief that dedication in supplying high quality products and service to the Motorsport world is a necessity. All products we supply are tested both on and off the track. The materials and products used exceed standards to help ensure reliability when needed.Our dedication and attention to detail ensures we meet your expectations, your satisfaction is the fuel that drives us every day.

Facilities & Services

Two wheel drive Maha, 600HP + Dyno

We offer a complete engine tuning service ranging from mild road, to full race applications.

Our dyno is equipped with an extensive data acquisition system which can be used both to optimise performance and inform you as a customer.

We provide a service which ranges from, simple power runs ,to a full individualised standalone management system.


Up to date BMW Dealership level Diagnostic & Programming.

Extensive range of electrical fault finding equipment.

OEM ECU Tuning

Range of Popular applications catered for.

Engine Services include:

* BMW M Series Inspections *Performance Camshaft Timing/Tuning *Vanos Failure & Upgrades * Full Race Builds *OE Spec Engine Builds


Unit 14 Westlink Busisness park

Old Mallow road


Tel:+ 353 873170631

e-mail: info@fionnsport.ie